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26 Apr

ERB Magazine’s Vendor Spotlight: BO VAPING

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Learn the name before it’s too late: BO Vaping is a powerful e-cig device that has wowed industry vets and power players. Here’s why it appears to be ready for a big 2018.

If we’ve learned anything from the technological advances in computers, video games and cell phones over the years, it’s that every couple of years a new product comes out that changes the game. It’s the same in the world of vaporizers and e-cigarettes too — it’s a quickly changing marketplace where technological advancements and new functionalities are constantly giving consumers better options. Well, the team behind BO Vaping is confident it has a game-changer on its hands and is gearing up for an exciting 2018. Meet the BO One, an e-cig that is wowing experts and has
secured a distribution deal around the U.S. that could make it a household name in its market by the end of 2018. It’s a closed-end device that uses    e-liquid caps and packs enough power that major industry players are confident in its success.

“There’s a lot on the market,” says Chris Fiumara, the president and CEO of MMS Distribution, which is overseeing BO’s take-off this year. “But none that compare to BO. We think it’s the superior product, and not just from a marketing standpoint. It doesn’t just look great, it’s functionality is better
than anything else on the market.” Before we get to the functionality, let’s pause for a second to acknowledge that, yes, the BO is sexy. It’s sleek, aesthetically pleasing and well-designed. It’s also got some real power under all that e-cig sexiness. Now, a few particulars on what’s under the hood:

• BO’s battery measures at 380
MAH compared to the 200 MAH
offered on competing devices.

• It charges in 15 minutes, while
competitors take at least 25
minutes and sometimes up to 90

• BO’s pods hold 1.6 ML compared
to the competition’s 0.7 or 1.0 ML.

• Another selling point is BO’s
lifetime warranty and its depend-
ability, as its defect ratio falls well
lower than industry norms.

BO’s closed-end system means that its flavor pods are nonrefillable and disposable, making it incredibly easy to use and customize. With that, BO sells six different flavored pods — from Fresh Cut Tobacco to Fresh Mango and Jelly Mixed Berries, plus a variety of skins, designs and a customizable charging station. “Those are the key factors that consumers care about,” Fiumara said, after listing off BO’s various specs and customization keys. “Those are some of the factors that led us to go after the product aggressively.” MMS is a major player in the distribution world — with the power to get items into 50,000 to 80,000 stores. While it carries 7,000 to 9,000 products at a time, it usually hones in one product each year that it thinks has a chance to grow in a huge way. This year, it picked BO to push alongside its everyday items such as lighters, rolling papers and energy drinks. “Our platform touches major convenience stores, major chains,” Fiumara said. “A little different than what the vape industry is used to. We’re dealing with national chains and national distribution.” In a way, it’s sort of like when a major record label discovers a talented artist and wants to give him or her a big national push. “We’ll make you a star,” they might say, and that’s the case with MMS and BO too. MMS saw something in BO’s product line that got it excited enough to give the product a huge push. But the original BO brain trust is still involved and working right alongside MMS.

“What we try to do is sift through muddy waters and go to shows that companies of our size wouldn’t go to,” Fiumara said. “And try to find diamonds in the rough. A lot of people have great products but they don’t have a way to get them out there. We find products that we feel have big potential.” Fiumara has been at this long enough to know when his company has found a product with potential and that’s what he thinks he has here. BO started in Europe, but also has parts that are made in the U.S. And the U.S., it appears, is now primed for BO to make an impact. “Just because we have scale,
doesn’t always mean a product is going to be successful,” Fiumara said. “But we’re confident that this product is that good and that a great percentage of people who try it will become users of it.” It’s an exciting time for both companies, but that’s how it is when you’re confident you have a hit on your hands. “Once every few years, we come across a diamond in the rough that we put a bunch of resources toward,” Fiumara says. “It’s rare that we’re putting as many resources as we’re putting into this.” So that should tell you all you need to know about BO.

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• @bovaping_us on Instagram

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